industrial cranes, hoists and structures

crane types

single girder crane

Single Girder

Single girder cranes are normally the most cost effective crane option for load capacities up to 20 tons with spans up to 80 ft. Benefits include reduced wheel loads with low headroom. These cranes are cost effective when coupled with standard hoists. Single girder crane can have top or bottom running hoists.

double girder cranes

Double Girder

Double girder cranes are often utilized for lifting capacity in excess of 10 tons and with spans of up to 120 feet. Double girder cranes are also recommended for high speeds and high duty cycle applications. Also ideal for cranes which require aerial walkways, cabs or other special equipment. Hoists can be bottom running or top running for additional hook height.



Monorail systems are used where lifting capacity is required in a limited area, such as a production line or small work cell. Monorail capacities are normally up to 5 Ton. Platnick sells both patented track and structural monorail systems.



Normally used to lift smaller loads, improve workstation efficiency, or frequent lifting. Jib cranes can be wall mounted or free standing in a variety of capacities and designs.



Gantry cranes are a flexible design for overhead lifting systems used in applications where overhead runways are not practical . Typically used to move heavy loads or outdoor loads gantry cranes can be single, girder, double girder, double leg, single leg, and cantilever designs.

Box Beam Cranes

Box Beam Cranes

Box Beam Cranes are typically employed when the required span exceeds 60 feet (18.3M), or when the weight of a conventional gantry crane becomes a factor. These cranes can be provided in either single or double beam configuration, and are custom designed with CAD and FEA to cater to the span, clearance height, application and any specific customer requirements.

hoist types

wire rope hoist

Wire Rope Hoist

chain hoists

Chain Hoist

Runway and Structure

runway beams

runway beams

column beams

Column Beams

Platnick has been designing and installing overhead lifting systems for over 30 years. With a PE on staff and experienced crane fabricators we understand the importance of level/straight runways beams to achieve safe, reliable crane operation for many years. Don’t leave the fabrication or installation of this critical component of crane performance to just anyone. Competitive pricing on runway and tie backs.